Excursions & Incursions

As an extension of the classroom program, the children are given opportunities to attend excursions (out of the school) and incursions (within the school), arranged by teachers to complement a specific topic. Care is taken to make sure that there are viable educational objectives and that there are preparatory and follow-up lessons.

Parents are encouraged to pay an excursion levy at the start of the year, to simplify administration and budgeting.

At least two week’s notice of intended excursions is generally given to parents.  A list detailing children attending the excursion, and emergency contact numbers is left in the office area on the day.  Students are provided with a lanyard that must be worn on excursions. School uniform must be worn on excursions unless otherwise stipulated on the excursion notice.

Written permission to attend excursions and authority to take emergency action in case of illness or accident is required from the child’s parent/guardian.  A ‘Local Excursion Authority‘ is included in the ‘Back to School Kit‘ distributed to parents at the start of each year.  This allows teachers to take students for very short walks out of the school grounds.