Gifted and Talented

There are many opportunities for our students to further develop their skills and abilities. Some of the programs we offer are Young Leaders, Gateways, Aerobics, Tournament of Minds and International Competitions and Assessments for Schools. Below are brief outlines for these programs.

Young Leaders Gateways
The Year 6 student leaders attend this conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre, where accomplished leaders inspire with stories of their own experience. This stimulating extension program is offered in a wide variety of subject areas.
Aerobics Tournament of Minds
Teams of students are selected to compete in the School Aerobics Championships at regional level, with state and national titles to follow if teams are successful. This is a problem solving program for a team of 7 students. They are required to solve demanding, open-ended problems from one of the following disciplines:

  • Language Literature
  • Maths Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Applied Technology through a dramatisation.
International Competitions and Assessments for Schools  
Students participate in multiple choice tests in subjects such as English, Writing, Maths, Science and Computer Skills. All participants receive a certificate.