Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is a wonderful way for students to participate in the decision making process at Bimbadeen. This group consists of student representatives from each class between Years 2 and 6.

An election of representatives is conducted within each class.  The representatives serve only one year from Year 2 to 5.  Year 6 students and previous deputies may serve a second year if elected.  A deputy is appointed to replace a representative who is absent.  House Captains are not eligible to be representatives for Junior School Council.

The children meet regularly with an appointed staff member.  Meetings are conducted on a formal basis with children bringing their class concerns to the forum.  Minutes are kept and circulated to Mr Johansen and the School Council.  Everybody has the opportunity to participate in discussions and offer their suggestions and opinions. Where practicable, suggestions are considered and appropriate action taken by School Council, the Principal or teachers.