Our Community

Bimbadeen Heights Primary School relies on a positive and co-operative relationship with all families and the wider community, enabling us to provide a high quality educational program for each individual student.

The school seeks to:

  • Involve the community in school decision-making via school council and its sub-committees, including; Finance, Buildings and grounds, Student Learning, Canteen, Community Links, Multi Purpose Facility, Management Committee, Fundraising, Integration and Uniform.
  • Involve the community in school activities such as classroom programs, excursions, displays and performances by students
  • Provide appropriate support and training for parents and helpers who assist with activities
  • Involve its families in regular working bees to maintain and develop school facilities, and to enhance its general appearance
  • Gain the support of its families in fundraising activities
  • Elicit community response through an annual Parent Opinion Survey
  • Contribute to the wider community by making facilities and resources available where practicable
  • Co-operate with pre-schools, other schools, and community service organisations
  • Participate in local community events

School Council

School Council is an elected body which plays an integral part in the running of the school. Parents, teachers and other interested parties are eligible to be on School Council. School Council responsibilities include:

  • developing educational policy statements that support school goals
  • budget approval in support of school goals
  • maintaining and improving the building and grounds
  • community communication and consultation
  • supporting staff to implement school goals

Parent Liaison

Each classroom has a parent liaison to help out when necessary with such things as covering portfolios, organising helpers for excursions, etc.