RAAPT & Literacy Support

RAAPT: Reading Assessment and Program Tutoring

The RAAPT Program has been established at Bimbadeen Heights Primary School for a number of years. It aims to assist young learner-readers who are experiencing some difficulties.

The child works with a trained tutor each week.

He/she receives positive feedback for effective reading behaviours, and is taught to use other strategies which will assist them when reading.

Running Records are an effective assessment tool, identifying students in Years 1 and 2 who would benefit from RAAPT. These students are monitored in Years 3, 4 & 5 and will receive additional assistance for as long as necessary.  Other students (eg. those who are new to the school) can be referred at any time for assessment and tutoring.

Year 1 students who are identified as needing extra assistance with their literacy development, are also included in a Literacy Support Program.  The groups are kept small and activities are based on the progression of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  This program is facilitated by a trained Reading Recovery teacher.