School Canteen


The school Canteen is open Tuesday ,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is staffed by a group of volunteers, under the direction of a trained Canteen Manager.

If you are able to assist in the canteen, please print a HELPERS FORM and return it to the office.

Lunch orders can be placed from a choice of two systems: “ONLINE ORDERING” or “THE BOX”.

Online ordering was introduced in Term 4 of 2009, to provide flexibility to parents and to ease the workload of our volunteers that a healthy menu creates.

Online ordering allows parents to place their child’s lunch order from home, either the night before or a week before whilst giving them the assurance that the order has arrived at the canteen with no lost money. For a demonstration, click on ONLINE ORDERING, type our school name in the “FIND YOUR SCHOOL” field and our current menu will appear.

The “Box” system allows children to place their lunch orders in a canteen tub which the classroom teachers send to the canteen at the start of each day. Orders are then collected at lunch time.

The Canteen has a summer and winter menu, with menus being distributed to each family at the start of the year, the end of term 1 and the end of term 3. Extra copies can be obtained from the office or canteen.

Menus are derived from the popular choices from our current menu and suggestions from the “Go for your Life” manual, while meeting the guidelines of the Government’s School Canteen Policy. These guidelines undertake to:

  • Provide nutritious food choices, selected from the major food groups.
  • Encourage children to select foods, which ensure a well balanced diet.
  • Offer a wide selection/variety of food choices, including healthy, “treat” and allergy free choices.

Children may bring small amounts of money to spend at the canteen at lunchtime.

The Canteen Committee reports to the School Council on operations and monetary matters. Profits from the Canteen are paid to the School Council and funds are expended on school improvements and equipment