The school has a well-equipped Art/Craft room with excellent facilities for:

Painting, Drawing, Printing, Construction, Modelling/Sculpture, Collage/Paper Skills, Threads/Textiles.

Art is included in the school program to:

·     Challenge the curiosity, imagination and creativity of children.

·    Help children develop a joy in learning and a desire to keep learning.

·     Help children develop an interest in and understanding of the world around them and the world within them.

·      Provide children with the skills and opportunities to record their observations and feelings about their world.

Children will experience the elements of: line, shape, pattern, colour and texture.

Within each of these elements they are taught the concepts of: awareness, change, contrast, decoration, quality, special effects.  

Art activities will be presented in a problem-solving format as often as possible, to allow each child to express his/her own unique solution.

Ray Legione
Visual Arts Co-ordinator