School Values & Philosophy

Our School Philosophy


To instill in children a lifelong love of learning.


To provide each child with the opportunity to develop their full potential for intellectual, social and personal growth through the support of peers, teachers and community.


Our core values reflect the belief that an effective school is one that embeds student safety and wellbeing throughout all school practices. The focus on developing positive, supportive relationships between all members of the school community is a key component in our teaching of these values.


Respect for self, others, property and the environment is shown when people speak and act towards each other with courtesy, consideration, care and appreciation.


Resilience is demonstrated when there is the capacity to recover confidently from difficulties with persistence and optimistic thinking, actions and attitude.


Integrity is shown through an attitude of fairness and honesty that requires a sincere, truthful relationship between members of the school community.


Compassion is shown when all members of the school community embrace diversity through demonstrating a kind, caring and understanding attitude and a willingness to help others.

These core values are supported by the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support and the KidsMatter frameworks.

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