School Strategic Plan & Annual Implementation Plan

School Strategic Plan

All Victorian government schools must develop a four-year School Strategic Plan in the term following a School Review, and is endorsed by the principal and school council president. 

The preparation and publication of a 4-year School Strategic Plan (SSP) is a legislative and regulatory requirement for all schools under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) and Ministerial Order 470.  The SSP sets out the school’s philosophy, goals, targets to improve student outcomes and strategies for achieving them.

Following the completion of a school review, the Key Directions (developed by the core school review panel and articulated in the review report) form the schools SSP goals, targets, and Key Improvement Strategies (KIS).

Annual Implementation Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) is a core part of school business. It documents a sharp and narrow focus on school improvement priorities and provides clarity and purpose for all members of the school community as they work towards the goals set out in the School Strategic Plan (SSP).

The AIP operationalises the 4-year SSP by supporting schools to select and plan how they will implement the Goals and Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) that will be their focus for school improvement each year.

The AIP is developed and monitored by school leaders or leadership teams (such as the School Improvement Team).

Schools use the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) 2.0 improvement cycle to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate AIP.

The school’s most recent School Review Report, School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan is published and available on our school website. Below is our school’s most recent School Review Report, School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.


Strategic Plan and School Review Report – Community Information

Bimbadeen Heights Primary School Review Report 2021 NEVR – Public Section

Bimbadeen Heights Primary School (5011) – 2021-2024 – School Strategic Plan

2023 Annual Implementation Plan (coming soon)

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