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School Uniform: Frequently Asked Questions

It is hoped that these FAQ’s will help parents to understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of our compulsory school uniform.

We expect that parents will exercise common sense when it comes to dressing their children in our school uniform in the same way that we use common sense and consideration of extenuating circumstances when enforcing the policy.  If you are unsure please speak to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

  1. Are children allowed to wear bike pants?
    Children may wear navy coloured bike pants under a dress for modesty reasons or on their own as part of the sports uniform worn only on days they have sporting activities or Phys. Ed. classes. Bike pants must be a suitable length and not too short, i.e. close to the knee or long enough to be visible below the child’s top when it is not tucked in. 


  1. Are children allowed to wear earrings?
    Plain studs or sleepers are acceptable. Earrings that hang down can become a safety issue when playing and may need to be removed.


  1. Are children allowed to wear bracelets or necklaces?
    Yes, provided they are not a distraction to learning or create a safety issue during some activities or when playing.


  1. Can children wear a hat that they bring from home?
    Children must wear an approved hat that is navy blue or gold in a wide brim or legionnaire style cap, free of brand names or logos that provides adequate protection from the sun. In line with our SunSmart policy, hats are compulsory during terms 1 & 4 and children without hats will be restricted to a shaded area at recess and lunch times.


  1. Can girls wear leggings or tights?
    Yes, provided they are navy blue and are worn under a dress.


  1. Do children with long hair have to have it plaited or tied back?
    We encourage this as advice of best practice to reduce the spread of head lice is that it helps to have long hair in plaits or tied back. However, it is not compulsory provided that the long hair is not a distraction to learning or is unsafe for participation in some activities such as craft, cooking or sport. 


  1. Is my child allowed to have an extreme hair style such as shaved motifs or bright colours?
    We discourage this as it often impacts on the child’s experience at school due to the reactions or responses of others.


  1. Am I able to purchase uniform items from stores other than Spartan School World?
    Yes, navy blue cargo pants, tracksuit pants, skorts, shorts or culottes. Any uniform items that include our logo must be purchased from Spartan School World.


  1. What sort of footwear must children wear?

They must be a suitable fit so that they do not come off easily and must cover the toes. They can have shoelaces, Velcro, or be ‘slip-ons’. Laces or Velcro must be done up to ensure the shoe stays on the foot. Safety and protecting the child’s feet is the most important thing. On days the children have P.E. classes, sport runners should be worn.


  1. Are children allowed to wear long sleeved tops under short-sleeved polo tops?
    Yes, provided they are in the school uniform colours of navy or yellow.


  1. Are children allowed to bunch up their tops at their side?
    The uniform is expected to be worn as intended.


  1. When can my child wear a sports top?
    Only children from Years 5 & 6 can wear the approved sports tops on the days they are participating in organized school sport activities, P.E. lessons or special events.


  1. Can a child in a year level below Year 6 wear an older brother or sister’s Year 6 commemorative jacket?
    As this is a distinctive part of the Year 6 uniform, we prefer younger students to wear the standard school tops.


  1. When can my child wear a summer dress?
    Summer uniform is intended for the warmer months of Term 1 and 4 as the lighter material is suited to this. Parents can exercise their discretion on children wearing summer dresses on unseasonably warm days outside of Terms 1 & 4.


  1. Can my child wear Ugg boots or slippers to school?
    Ugg boots or slippers may be worn inside the classroom but for safety reasons should not be worn outside for general use.


  1. Are children allowed to have long finger nails, fake nails or wear nail polish?

Fingernails need to be kept short for safety reasons. Fake nails are not to be worn also for safety reasons.  Nail polish is not to be worn at school, however if your child has nail polish on as part of a special event, please remove it as soon as possible.


  1. Can my child wear black pants?
    The uniform colours are navy and gold. There are a wide variety of navy pants that your child can wear. Black is not one of the school uniform colours.


  1. Are children allowed to wear beanies, scarves or coats?
    If your child is cold they may wear beanies, scarves and/or coats outside. When the child is in the classroom, they need to remove them.


  1. What do I do if my child needs to come to school out of uniform?
    If a child needs to be out of school uniform for a day, a note needs to be written and signed by a parent/guardian to explain the reason for their child needing to be out of uniform for that day. This note needs to be given to the child’s classroom teacher on the day of the child being out of uniform. If a note is not provided the classroom teacher may send an ‘Out of Uniform’ note home.
    Free dress days will be organized throughout the year.


  1. Is my child allowed to wear makeup including lip stick?
    We see this as unnecessary for children to have on at Primary School. This has potential to create unnecessary competitiveness and peer pressure amongst students.


  1. Is my child allowed to have fake tattoos?
    We see this as unnecessary for children to have on during school hours, especially on areas of skin that are not covered by clothing. This has potential to create unnecessary competitiveness and peer pressure amongst students.


  1. Does my child have to wear socks when wearing shoes to school?
    Yes, for health and safety reasons socks are required to be worn.


  1. Is my Year 5 or 6 child allowed to wear the commemorative school production T-Shirt as school uniform?
    Yes but only up until the day of the production.


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